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Our Purpose

Spearhead Helps Companies Grow One Relationship at a Time.

We show up every day with a passion for developing relationships on behalf of our clients. It’s important because relationships create opportunities. Opportunities turn into sales, profits and healthy growth. When that growth is managed wisely, everyone wins including company owners, managers, employees, contractors and suppliers. The ripple effect on their families and their communities brings meaning to our work.

We automate those things that are most critical to a healthy business, like relationship development and sales. Ironically developing relationships and converting sales is often the least automated area of most companies. We’re on a mission to change that.

Automation alone doesn’t produce results. It needs to be injected with creativity and professional communications. The marriage of creativity and automation is the heart of our slogan – “We Put Creativity to Work.”

We Believe In:

  • Challenging the status-quo
  • Working with transparent intentions and genuine teamwork
  • Sticking with a mission through thick and thin
  • Making a difference
  • Doing what is best for our clients in the long run

We Value:

  • Freedom
  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Responsibility
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