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Our marketing services include “Spearheading” an integrated sales and marketing system that will capture the attention of your target buyers and automatically stay-in-touch with them via emails, letters, personal cards, postcards and timely follow-up calls by your sales team. It’s a proven system that is tailored to your unique situation. We literally “Spearhead” the hard work for you by organizing your contacts, creating offers, building your website, promoting your business and mapping your sales process.

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Strategy & Consulting

Strategy is all about sifting through the clutter. We will help you focus on the most important sales and marketing next steps to grow your business while defining positioning, brand personality, sales forecast and marketing budget.


Contact Management

Growing your business is all about growing relationships. We need to identify strategic contacts and load them into ONTRAPORT for sorting, grouping, and automatically staying in touch with calls, emails, mailings and tasks.


Marketing Offers

Your contacts don’t want you to just “check in.” They want you to bring them opportunity and avoid problems. We call that an “Offer.” It gives purpose to your brand and a real reason for salespeople to follow-up.

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Web Development

We use WordPress – the worldwide platform of choice for web publishing because it’s easy to update, is mobile-responsive, has built-in SEO and integrates with select social media channels. ONTRAPORT captures leads and web visits.



Where are your targeted contacts looking for opportunities and insight? That’s where you want to be. Promote your offers and drive traffic to your website for conversion through direct marketing, search engine marketing, advertising, and PR.


Sales Integration

Salespeople are always looking for a reason to get in front of the right buyers. Our system automatically notifies them which contacts are responding to offers, visiting web pages and paying attention to emails. Collaboration with sales professionals is key to making your system work.

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