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Spearhead Marketing Services

Our System is All About Your Business

We have taken decades of sales and marketing fundamentals and boiled them down into a simple framework that we use to organize our efforts. Our job is to systematically develop your full sales and marketing funnel so you obtain more predictable results in the form of Relationships, Revenue and Reputation.

Initial strategic plans cover Your Purpose (mission, vision, and values), Your Position (target market, meaningful difference), and Your Plan (goals, forecasts and budgets). From there we establish a 90 day rhythm for review and adjustment while managing all projects to be On-Time, On-Target, and On-Budget.

Marketing Services - Technology

We’ll help you specify and implement Your Technology including high performance websites, e-Commerce, SEO tools, digital ads, tracking codes, marketing automation and CRM integration. We’ve earned certifications from Hubspot, Digital Marketer, and ONTRAPORT while staying up to date with many other platforms including Google, AdRoll, Marketo, WordPress, SEMrush, Moz, and many others.

Marketing Services - Identify

Your Lists of specific contacts that are segmented by industry, title, sources, behaviors, personas and qualifiers are required in order to connect, nurture, convert and expand relationships. This becomes even more critical when we deploy dynamic CTA’s, landing pages and blog posts that are tailored for each step of your buyer’s journey.

Marketing Services - Connect

Getting the attention of your target buyers and connecting with them requires two things, Your Relevance and Your Reach. You’ll need to provide relevant information or entertainment about a problem or opportunity that they can relate with. Then you’ll need to promote your content where your buyers are seeking answers.

Marketing Services - Nurture

New relationships can take time to develop. Each interaction with Your Relationships is an opportunity to serve their needs while also disqualifying those new contacts that may not be a good fit for your products or services. We’ll help you keep the conversations going and alert your sales team of qualified opportunities.

Marketing Services - Convert

Your Sales Process is key to building a sustainable business. We’ll work closely with your sales team to identify best practices and document a process that maximizes your conversions. This includes creating tools to help with call preparation, qualification, needs assessment, presentation, proposal guidance and negotiation support.

Marketing Services - Expand

Earning repeat business, up-selling to bigger purchases, cross-selling to new opportunities all hinge on Your Performance. Our goal is to help you gain authentic feedback through surveys, advisory groups and by analyzing sales data. When armed with great testimonials, we’ll help you create a sustainable referral development program.

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